TMS-CA Sarl is a subsidiary of Turbomaschinenservice GmbH (TMS GmbH), headquartered in Germany. Our offices in Cameroon are located in Douala – Akwa next to the University Institute of La Côte behind De La Salle College.

TMS-CA is a privileged partner in the field of services for the industry. Its establishment in Douala is made in order to support the industry in Cameroon and Central Africa to make it more competitive.
TMS-CA specializes in the following areas:
– The sale and maintenance of boilers and all types of rotating machinery such as: turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, centrifuges, conveyors, fetchers, disassembling machines.
– The supply and assembly of spare parts for the industry
– Production and economy of industrial energy
– Modernization of electronic protection and control systems for industries.
– Industrial chemistry.
Indeed, our proven expertise based on our qualified and experienced staff, allows us to find tailor-made solutions coupled with a very high degree of flexibility even in times of emergency.
We have the opportunity to intervene throughout Cameroon and also in Africa. What ranks us LEADER in the field of turbomachines, in this geographical space.

TMS-CA presents itself as a privileged partner in the field of services for the industry

Our goals

Our main objective is not to sell at any price but to put you in the best conditions for permanent monitoring by:
– The anticipation of uncertainties related to risk,
– The reduction of investment costs, study, optimal responses to the continuity of industrial processes.
– Increased OEE (Overhall Equipment Effectiveness) production and brewing chains.
– The assurance of the availability and the durability of the machines
– Maintenance of automation and instrumentation equipment to ensure quality performance.

Respect for the rules of art, ethics and professional secrecy: ” German expertise at the service of the Cameroonian industry ”

We ensure the safety of our personnel and yours as well as your assets, to ensure a sustained and continuous production.

Speed, efficiency and flexibility as well as compliance with contractual deadlines in carrying out the work

Environmental protection with the main purpose of reducing the greenhouse effect.