Instrumentation, Control & Automatism

  • Projector electrical drawings and knowledge of drawing software
  • Cable penetrations for waterproof enclosure
  • Installation of the flow measurement system of the supply pipes
  • Installation of Radio Frequency Communication Networks
  • Automatic maintenance of auxiliaries

Instrumentation (SNCC) and controllers (API)

  • Study, design & realization of control systems – control of industrial processes (Programming, Supervision).
  • Deployment of hardware and software architecture to control, monitor and analyze industrial processes.

Safety and Security of Industrial Control-Command:

  • Software design of the control part of Safety PLCs – APIdS
  • Software Design of the Controller Control Part – PAC Systems
  • HMI – Supervision and Terminals Operators – SCADA
  • Field Networks for Instrumentation
  • Highlighting SIEMENS solutions
  • Design and installation of industrial PID control loops in processes