Mechanical maintenance

It is:

  • Diagnose any malfunction on mechanical assemblies or subassemblies
    Perform complex troubleshooting tasks on different types of equipment with specific tools
  • Carry out controls, measures and intervention following a range of preventive maintenance
  • Quality documentation of interventions
  • Stock management of spare parts
  • Training of maintenance and production operators
  • Improvement and reliability
  • Vibration inspection and analysis of rotating machines using SKF
  • Microlog (Condition Monitoring)
  • Revisions and alignment of control groups of industrial systems
  • Study of mechanical equipment replacement (pump, actuator, motor, ball valve, gears, etc.).
  • Boroscopy (Condition Monitoring).

New construction

  • Studies and Installation of rotating machines (centrifugal pumps, volumetric pumps, compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, gearboxes)
  • Development of maintenance procedures and operating procedures
    Study and installation of piping lines
  • Supply and installation of conveyor belts, chain conveyors, screw conveyors and pneumatic conveyors

Follow-up and support

  • Analysis of operating parameters of equipment and processes for diagnosis and preventive maintenance.
  • Implementation of an anticipation system on the need for spare parts
  • Technical support and troubleshooting – mechanical, hydraulic, etc.
  • Optimization of the planning of major maintenance works (durability of equipment and installations).
  • Establishment of a condition monitoring system
  • Drafting of maintenance and operating procedures.
  • Drafting, implementation and supervision of procedures for the following areas: commissioning / road, testing, system alignment, etc.
  • Lubricating oil piping systems
  • Hot water and high pressure steam piping systems.


  • Writing technical reports.
  • Team management (Capability building, engineers, technicians and auxiliary trades).
  • Supervision of mechanics, electricians, technicians and engineers.
  • Preparation of layout drawings, workshop, etc.